just a project…

It all started in 2007, with a paper T-shirt, my first paper toy (that’s why the logo is MY). It’s a glueless toy, in three pieces, that fits on a A4 paper. Suddenly, I had a new canvas, which was a perfect outlet for  ideas I didn’t find important, so to obey this self-imposed philosophy of fuck-the-T-shirt, I had to put all the designs for a free download. After that, the things have gone naturally: I had a logo and I needed a name for the website. I took previously mentioned word OBEY, spelled it backwards and got YEBO, (Exclamation S. African, used to show agreement or approval; yes. ORIGIN Zulu In Croatian, it means fcuk.). Now I only needed to include the T-shirt here. Croatian word for T-shirt is majica |maɪtsa| and from this came yebomaycu |ˈjɛbəʊ maɪtsu|. The combination of Y and M complied with  the concept of the logo.

The project was progressing, my paper toys have evolved and in 2009, MY logo was ready to incorporate a new subject: My Life Is Better Than Yours, (note: l i b t Y), which was manifested as a series of paper toys. Few years later, in 2013, this concept altered into MLIBTY Shadows.


Terms & Conditions
  • yebomaycu is an art project in progress.
  •  It is not responsible of any wrong interpretation and misunderstanding of any part of MY projects.
  • All designs, texts and images are MY intellectual property  project and their use is prohibited without my permission. The only way to use MY content is with the citation of this site or with appropriate link.
  • YM paper toyz are free for download. They are not for sale, neither as a object nor as a file.
  • You are encouraged to share the material available for download on this website, like paper toys, II LOVE magazine and videos.
  • YM does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.