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just a project…

It all started in 2007, with a paper T-shirt, my first paper toy (that’s why the logo is MY). It’s a glueless toy, in three pieces, that fits on a A4 paper. Suddenly, I had a new canvas, which was a perfect outlet for  ideas I didn’t find important, so to obey this self-imposed philosophy of fuck-the-T-shirt, I had to put all the designs for a free download. After that, the things have gone naturally: I had a logo and I needed a name for the […]

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My container is better than yours!

Open paper toy project!

ye-boT initiative:

Open paper toy project!


Urban Paper Collective platform toy, created by 3EyedBear.


New 2019 MLIBTY Shadows limited edition skateboards, (20/20 decks)!! Signed and numbered! Contact me for inquiries.


Free PDF magazine about Paper Toys.


Animations with paper toys and MLIBTY related stuff.